Monday, April 4, 2011

How embarrassing

For the second night in a row I was invited to dinner on Door Into Summer.  They are in the slip next to mine.  I should also point out that I have been invited to breakfast both days too!  I have been bringing XO over with me and he and Stormy (Ed and Claudia's Westie) seem to be doing OK with each other.

We were sitting in the cockpit after dinner and the conversation came around to boat canvas, in particular dodgers and cockpit enclosures.  Claudia mentioned that they needed to replace their dodger as it would not take waterproofing and it had been patched several times.  XO at this point has decided to hang out in his favorite place on deck - the top of the dodger.  We see the impact of his paws on the underside of the dodger and every once in a while he walks across the window.  (Dodgers have windows in the roof so you can see the sail trim.)

Sure enough - rrrriiiiiiippppppppp and down comes XO into the cockpit.  Claudia and Ed have assured me that it is OK and not to be concerned.  I understand it was the luck of the moment but I am still embarrassed as heck.

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