Friday, November 4, 2011

Bock Marine #5

Reboot's "availability" in the yard is over.  She spent a night in the slings so that the bottom of the keel could be painted with Interlux Micron 66 and it had time to dry before launch.  We put her back in the water and I left in the mid-morning to take advantage of a favorable current up Adams Creek.  Reboot  is back at the New Bern Grand Marina in New Bern.

One of the most frequently asked questions on cruising web sites is the cost of cruising.  This "availability" cost about $4,500 US.  The breakdown was:

  • $500 Haul, power wash, block on jack stands, daily rent, re-launch.
  • $2,500 Clean, and sand the bottom down to the barrier coat, apply two coats of Interlux Micron 66.  This could have been much cheaper if (a) I had used a much less expensive bottom paint and/or (b) I had done most of the work myself rather than letting the yard do it.  More on that decision below.
  • $500 Repair several gouges in the external fiberglass.  I was going to do this work myself.  I am glad that I contracted it out.  It is very easy to fill the holes and scrapes.  What is hard (and beyond my skill level) is to finish the surface so that it looks like there was no damage in the first place.
  • $500 Build a protective enclosure around the autopilot steering ram.  I have been hesitant to put much in the stern lockers for fear that something would shift and jam the steering ram.  The enclosure will make it possible to store a lot more stuff in the stern lockers.
  • $500 Remove the fixed prop, clean, lubricate, and install the Max-prop. 
I have rounded all of these numbers.  They include the costs of materials and labor.  We did some other minor things the cost for which I just added to the above.

I decided to let the yard do almost all of the work.  My decision was based in the fact that I was having terrible bronchitis and was concerned about chest pain.  I did not want to over strain myself and end up having a heart attack.  If I had contributed "sweat equity" my guess is the cost would have been about $3,000, the high cost almost entirely driven by the cost of the Interlux Micron 66.  This stuff better work real well!

Fair winds and following seas.

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