Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving and Flying

One problem with blogging is that one does not want to disclose one's location if it leaves one's property exposed.  (That sure was a lot of "one's.")  In the instant case I have been in Chicago recovering from heart surgery while Reboot is in North Carolina.  That is, I was in Chicago.  The problem of course is exposing the fact that Reboot, although locked and alarmed, does not have someone on board all of the time. It seems to me to be an invitation to theft.

I had originally planned to visit Trevor and Spencer for Thanksgiving.  For the past three years they have prepared Thanksgiving Dinner for themselves.  Since they only cook one day per year the first two years were quite the events.  Having heard such great stories I decided that I had to attend this year's festivities.  When I made the decision to fly up at the beginning of November to have my heart checked out I expected that I would be long gone before Thanksgiving. Little did I know that I was moving onto Trevor's couch for the month of November.

Thanksgiving was great.  I was sticker shocked by the cost of a turkey.  Some of this may have been that all the small ones had been purchased so we ended up paying $50 for our turkey.  Since there were only three of us we limited the sides - nothing green - no shrimp or cheese platter before hand.  This was actually pretty good since the cardiologist has reinforced keeping a healthy diet.  The boys did all the cooking and - would you believe - it all came out at the same time!  Wow - I don't know that I could have done that but they did.

I brought XO with me as I didn't know how long I was going to be in Chicago.  Since the airlines now charge $200 per round trip for him on top of my fare and I have to return to Chicago a couple of times over the next couple of months XO is now staying with Trevor.  What a rip off.  $100 per trip, the animal is your carry on baggage - that is it counts for your carry on bag so most people then have to pay to check the bag that would be their carry on bag.  I could understand a charge if the animal was traveling as baggage but they are in a carrier under your feet (and for me there is no legroom anyway.)  What a massive rip off.  XO is at least happy.  With Spencer here for Thanksgiving he had three grown men (and Baiyu) holding him, petting him and playing with him all day and most of the night.  He is quite content.

I will be meeting up with Claudia and Ed (Door into Summer) and we will start heading South in the next few days.

Fair winds and following seas.

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