Monday, August 13, 2012

First full day in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Today was my day to do the formalities of checking to Tenerife.

This morning the Captain of the rescue boat came by with the bill - 130 €. Cheap at the price, but better to have been avoided. Of course they only take cash so I was required to find an ATM.  I did and went back later in the day to pay him but there was no one on the boat. Tomorrow morning I will walk over again.

Then to the marina office. I took a berth for three months at 2,400 € or about $3,000 for the three month period (e.g. $1,000 per month.) That included a 20% discount for prepayment. Of course my credit card did not work so I am now in discussions with my bank about how to do an international wire transfer. Fortunately the people here are quite understanding. They also reminded me that Wednesday is a bank holiday - Assumption of the Virgin - and there will be some festival. I am looking forward to it.

Since I am departing Spain when I leave I then went to the local police office to clear in so that I could clear out later and not have problems when I arrived in Martinique.  The gentleman was most gracious and took care of the formalities. His English was as bad as my Spanish but we worked through the forms.

I am staying at the Marina de Santa Cruz in Tenerife. It is a clean and well run establishment. I was relieved to find that they have finger piers so I don't have to deal the "Med Mooring." I have already met a Scottish Couple on the boat a few docks from me who were quite friendly. The marina is pretty empty but I expect it will fill up as more boats arrive for the Atlantic transit in November/December.

Tomorrow will start working on Reboot. The first priority is to give her a thorough cleaning.

Fair winds and following seas.

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