Friday, August 31, 2012

220 Volt

I decided today to add a limited 220 V 50 Hz power system to Reboot. We are going to be here for another 10 weeks. The solar panels keep everything charged but we have not found a source of propane for the stove yet. So the plan is to purchase an inexpensive electric skillet that we can use to do some cooking.

Since the power is 220V ohms law says that the wires can be a lot thinner.  What would have been a multi-hundred dollar expenditure in the US was about $75 here in Tenerife.  This also resulted in finding about 4 of the chandlers here in town. They vary from very small to one that is pretty well stocked. Next step tomorrow is to run the wires. Then off to the store to purchase some appliances.

I also purchased a Nikon Coolpix S2500 camera today. Although I have a beautiful Nikon D90 with an image stabilized zoom lens it is heavy to carry around on a daily basis. So I wanted something that would fit in my pocket so I could take more pictures when the spirit moved me. Hopefully I will be doing a better job of documenting my travels in the future.

We continue to work on finding two more crew for the Atlantic transit. In fact we are sitting in Cafe Atlantico once again getting ready to do an interview over Skype.

Jim The Birthday Boy
On Wednesday we attended a cruiser's birthday party on Akita. She is just down the dock from Reboot. We had cake and champagne and lovely conversation for a couple of hours. Since we were multi-cultural Jim got Happy Birthday sung in English, Dutch, Gaelic, and Spanish (I think that was all of them.) Then the Irish and Scotch whiskys came out for toasts. We all stumbled home smartly. It was a great party.

Fair winds and following seas.

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