Saturday, September 1, 2012

I never saw a thing

Ad hoc Sea Anchor
But apparently Reboot did. I dove on her today and look what I found wrapped around the prop. We call this a Gypsysails sea anchor as Maury and Ginger seem to have a knack for acquiring them while traveling in the Hawk Channel. (The Hawk Channel runs from Miami to Key West on the Atlantic/Gulf of Mexico side of the Keys.)

I figure that I now have a pretty good idea why the engine decided to alarm.

It has been quite cool here the past couple of days  a light blanket is called for at night. This morning it dawned clear with a wind shift that is bringing the Levenche wind. So it has warmed back up quite a bit. That is why I chose to dive today. The air temperature is in the 80's but the water was quite cool - pleasant in fact. If I was diving more than 5 feet I would have needed a wet suit but as it was I was able to clear the prop with a snorkel and fins.

Noise Filter Installation
My second project for today was to install noise filters on the power lines leading to the SSB radio. While underway with the Raymarine autopilot running I get a great deal of noise in the radio. I understand that this is a standard problem with Raymarine autopilots. What is particularly annoying is that a spike in the noise curve is at 14.300 MHz which is the frequency for the Maritime Mobile Service Net. This is the net I use during transits to get weather forecasts and to report my position. So it is a big pain in the neck that I am fighting with autopilot noise while trying to communicate.

What a marina can do to your shore power
My other project for today was to start the install of the 220V power in Reboot. I got the exterior fitting mounted and the wires run into the boat. Now I have to install an outlet inside so we can use the power. In the process I removed the US 110 V 30 Amp exterior fitting that had been destroyed in New Bern Grand Marina. I was going to put the 220 V exterior inlet in its place but decided to leave the capability in case I add air conditioning back to Reboot at a later date. Quite a mess, don't you think?

More pictures of the 220V install tomorrow.

Fair winds and following seas.

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