Saturday, September 1, 2012

Dynamic Views

I have temporary shifted the blog to "dynamic views." Please let me know what you think by posting a comment.


  1. Hey Roger - Macht nichts on dynamic views... Don't know what it does for your readers. Long as I can see your updates, I'm good. Questions: what spec filters did you put in your SSB? Has it helped? (I realize without making your autopilot work, you may not know.) And what do you use for a counterpoise? Do I remember you trailing 50' of copper wire, or was that somebody else?
    Tiki Cat

  2. The view looks nice. More kitteh, please!

  3. Nick:
    The filters are line filters on the DC feed to the transceiver. I really can't tell yet if they did any good.

    My counterpoise is my keel. The ground side of the transmitter and antenna tuner is run to the keel bolts. I get a very good tune.

    In the early days I raised a dipole on a halyard and dragged 50 feet of copper behind the boat. I most likely told you that story.