Thursday, October 4, 2012

Los Cristianos - Beach again

Sand Sculpture
Andrea's cousin's girlfriend was heading back to Romania. Since she was leaving from Tenerife South airport we decided to spend a day on the beach at Los Cristianos. After dropping her off the three of us headed for the beach. It had been raining in La Laguna and Santa Cruz so we did not have high hopes for a beach day.

We stopped for a bite to eat as it was still early and overcast. I ordered Cafe Americano (basically strong black coffee.) The waiter came over and asked me where I was from. I usually answer New York as everyone knows where that is and I did grow up in the suburbs. He told me with a laugh that he was serving me "Cafe Obama, American and black."

"Cafe Obama"
There is not a great deal about the American election on the news here but there is far more coverage than what we get in the US of foreign elections. Of course I can't follow the reporting as I don't speak Spanish but both President Obama and candidate Romney show up with about equal time.

The sun did finally come out after about two hours of hazy but warm weather. It got very hot on the beach very quickly but since it was near the end of the day we just headed back to Santa Cruz.On the way out I snapped the picture of the sand sculpture being created by one of the lifeguards. Unfortunately there were jelly fish in the water so we didn't get to swim but we got some sun and had a nice time walking the beach.

Fair winds and following seas.

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