Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Playing in Poo (2)

Rob's Clean Head
Today was another playing in “Poo” day. I continued to work on cleaning the bow holding tank. Rob (Kuijten) was not so lucky. The aft head that he has been using refused to flush. After taking apart the electric flushing system he discovered that the switch had rusted and was no longer working. After a quick consultation we decided it was safe to bypass the switch and use the panel switch. The only problem with this solution was that there is a manual valve that controls “wet bowl” or “dry bowl.”  Turning the control while also turning on the panel switch would take someone with 10 foot arms. We agreed that if we could set it in the “web bowl” position it would be OK. With some random parts and a great deal of creativity Rob came up with a solution that not only held the switch in the proper position but can be removed in a minute or two.

After finally being able to flush the toilet Rob proceeded to give the head “a clean sweep fore and aft.” Actually, I think he spent a couple of hours cleaning and sanitizing the head from top to bottom. It really looks great! The picture tells all.

XO playing mouse with Rob
Rob and XO have become great friends. When we sit in the cockpit XO takes up residence on top of the dodger and hangs out. Every once in a while he will stick a paw over or make a noise. Rob loves to play with him or just pick him up and pet him. So XO now has two staff instead of just one.

Fair winds and following seas.

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