Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday Workday

I got up early this morning and decided it was time to get some work done before it got hot. By noon every day it is approaching 100 degrees inside Reboot. Today was sail day. I got the jib down on the deck, and removed the easy furl from the boom. Maury came over and helped me load the sails into the dinghy and run them over to his house. I also put the asymmetric sail in the dinghy. It took two trips. The first was easy as the sails were in bags. The second a bit harder as we just stuffed the jib into the dinghy. It wasn't until I was part way to Maury's that I realized that I could not see very well. So of course I met a sailboat coming down the channel. Not a big deal, I could see well enough by holding the jib into the dinghy.

I tied up the dinghy behind Gypsysails and we unloaded everything. Taking the jib out onto the lawn we were able to pack it up quite compactly as it is being shipped back to Neal Pryde Sails tomorrow for repairs. This is the first time I have been able to really look at the sail. With the exception of one rip all of the storm damage to the jib was from stitching failing. That is also why I am shipping the easy furl back for repairs, the stitching failed in two places. I am curious as to what if anything they will charge me for repairs, I notified them well inside the warranty period that the stitching had failed on the easy furl and they agreed to repair it at no cost.

After we got everything unloaded we pulled the dinghy out of the water and put its cover on. We had agreed that it would just be in my way in Sailcraft (the yard) so Maury graciously agreed to store it for the two to three months Reboot is in the yards.

To add insult to injury my Xantrex inverter decided to stop working for no apparent reason. I have bypassed the inverter so I still have 110 volt dock power inside the boat at the cost of extension cords all over in the inside of the boat. What a pain in the neck. Fortunate I purchased a "world charger" when I was in the Canaries.  It takes input power from 105 to 240 VAC. I am using it to keep the batteries charged. The solar panels would do the job but I disconnected them temporarly while trying to debug the Xantrex. I am waiting until Monday as Xantrex customer support does not work on weekends.

Fair winds and following seas.

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