Monday, July 1, 2013

Waiting for CBP

When I arrived I called Customs and Border Protection to check in. They told me that they would contact me on Monday to arrange for my arrival clearance. I am waiting for their call.


I am docked at the Sanitary Fish Market (restaurant and market) dock. The upside is it is very inexpensive. The down side is that there is not electric, no water, no showers, no laundry and no Internet. The closest Internet is in the waiting lobby of the restaurant or outside the front door. Unfortunately the coverage is so limited that I can not sit at a table or the bar and use the computer. It makes using the Internet quite a pain.


I am feeling the effects of not having a driver’s license. Mine expired when I was out of the country and I need a vision test to renew it. The major shopping area is 5 miles from the dock.  That includes the Laundromat.  I will try and find a convenience store closer to Reboot where I can get some Gatorade and soft drinks for the trip up Adam’s Creek.


The weather here has been terrible since (before) my arrival. It rains about 80% of the time. The rains are heavy and the wind is strong. This weather pattern is forecast to continue until at least Wednesday. Working, or for that matter sleeping, on Reboot as it is bouncing in the wind is no treat. It also makes exploring the local area for stores difficult. I have been caught out in a torrential downpour a couple of times.  The solar panels are having difficulty keeping up as there is little sun. As a result using power tools or the vacuum cleaner is something I have to be careful about.


I intend to move up Adam’s Creek when the weather breaks – most likely Wednesday or Thursday. Until then I will do my best to move forward with cleaning and working on Reboot.


Fair winds and following seas.

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