Sunday, January 25, 2015

Aaron Sorkin and the PetSmart Irony

I have never been a particular fan of Aaron Sorkin's political view. On the other hand I have loved his work: The Newsroom, Moneyball, The West Wing, The American President. I think he may be the best living writer of ensemble drama/comedy at the moment.

I stopped at PetSmart to purchase a new harness for XO. His old one was about three years old and getting very seedy. (His new one, by the way, is royal purple. He looks quite smart.) I had chosen to go to PetSmart rather than the Naval Air Station Jacksonville commissary because US Airways is running a special deal on their credit card - extra frequent flyer miles for purchases in certain types of stores - one of them being pet stores. I selected the harness and then purchased food and litter. While searching for other potential items I happened across the anti-flea and tick area. I was stunned by the prices - $125 for a 6 month supply of anti-flea & tick medicine? And no FDA approval to jack up the cost of the research? As XO is almost never off the boat I took a pass.

When I got home I decided to watch an episode of The West Wing. The irony was that I watched Season 2 Episode 4 In This White House. One of the story lines is about the cost of providing AIDS medicine to African nations. Irony of Ironies.

Fair winds and following seas :)

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