Saturday, January 3, 2015

Old Florida Grill and Oyster House

Back in the day before McMansions and Disney World when NASA was still king of the Space Coast Floridians would throw together some plywood and a couple of coolers, put up a dock, clear some brush to form a sand parking lot and call it a restaurant. The Old Florida Grill is exactly that - a fantastic throwback to the days when Florida still had charisma.

After many years of talking on the radio I finally met KM4MA - Paul - in Titusville. He picked me up at the Titusville Municipal Marina and drove me down to CBP (see "They let me back in.") Then we adjourned to the Old Florida Grill in Coco (not Coco Beach, that is a different Florida town.) I had fresh clams and fries and a couple of beers, walked down on the dock where people were fishing, and just drank in the ambiance. This is also what it is supposed to be like in the Caribbean. But when your cruse ship with 5,999 of your closest friends docks don't expect to see anything like this. But if you are visiting the Kennedy Space Center for the tour this would be a great place to take in too.Actually, now that they charge for everything at the Kennedy Space Center skip the tour and come over and enjoy Old Florida!

Fair winds and following seas :)

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