Thursday, March 19, 2015

Fuel Filters

Racor R24 Fuel Filters
Recently I have had to change out my fuel filters a couple of times. In preparation for my departure to Panama I checked my stock of filters and realized that I was running out. I got on the Internet to purchase additional filers and was amazed at the cost.

I also discovered that the R24 fuel filter comes in various microns. Like most people I have just been replacing the filter with a new filter of the same type. However my primary filter it turns out was a 2 micron filter and my secondary filter a 3 micron filter. This meant that the secondary filter was doing nothing.

Checking with the Yanmar web site Mike and I discovered that the recommendation was for a 30 micron primary filter and a 3 micron secondary. The good news was that the 30 micron filters are significantly less expensive than the 2 micron filters. So I ordered up a bunch of the 30 micron filters.

Fair winds and following seas :)

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