Monday, July 27, 2015

Cambridge Md, Sailnet Rendevous

Lighthouse at entrance to Marina
I motored up from Virginia Beach to Cambridge, MD for the first Sailnet ( rendezvous. I arrived later on Thursday night and anchored out. Since the party was Saturday night I decided to forgo paying marina fees for several nights.

All worked out well, I felt "back in the saddle again." Launched the dinghy, explored the harbor, watched them set up for the classic boat races to be held Saturday and Sunday. After lots of time sitting at marinas or being underway it was fun to just be at anchor and enjoy a "sundowner".

Saturday evening was the Sailnet gathering. Lots of fun, about a dozen or so people did show up. On Sunday morning some escaped with short trips home. I elected to say for a better weather forecast. I spent Sunday on the hook due to adverse winds heading back to Norfolk. I was awakened Monday morning by the sound that chills my soul - Marine weather alert. Sure enough, thunderstorms were heading for Cambridge. So after spending the weekend on the hook (and incidentally finally burning off all - and I mean all - the old gas for my dinghy (it was touch and go getting back to Reboot the last time)) I am sitting on the dock in the Cambridge marina waiting for the fuel dock to open and the thunderstorms to pass. That looks like late afternoon so I will most likely spend the night.

Great Sailnet party. Left early, no lights and no fuel in the dinghy so I missed the more outrageous parts.

Speaking of outrageous, this weekend there were classic motorboat races here in Cambridge. I watched as a smallish powerboat pulled a barge with a picnic table and grills followed by several air recliners out to the races. On the way back they got in trouble very near Reboot. Several people fell in the water. For about 45 minutes I monitored the situation. When they finally got everything under control they putt putted past me - the 1 foot chop was about all the lash up could manage at about 3 knots. Head count - 17 people, 2 grills, 1 picnic table, 2 dogs. I doubt they had sufficient safety equipment. Of course they were all young so they will say "what a great time we had." Fabulous idea, terrible execution!

Fair winds and following seas

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