Thursday, July 16, 2015

Yorktown, VA

Yorktown Monument
We finally made it to Yorktown, VA. Al (my guest crew,) XO and I did a long slow motor directly upwind to the York River and ultimately to Yorktown. We decided to take a mooring ball (about 1/3 the price of the dock.) The water was pretty calm when we went in. We were met by a very nice dock master who got us set up and provided tourist instructions. After a nice breakfast we wandered around the town. It is quite small and has none of the ordinary amenities - grocery store, drug store, etc. We met Jeff and Penelope of Wind Dancer (also from JEBLSFS) walking through the town.

By afternoon the wind and picked up quite a bit and the dinghy ride back to Reboot was a bit bouncy. Getting back on Reboot was fun, the dinghy was traveling about 3 feet up and down alongside the lee side of the boat. We spent the night on the mooring and in the morning recovered the outboard and dinghy and headed back to Virginia Beach.

We had light following winds a a bit of sun so it was a very pleasant if not a bit long sail back. By mid afternoon we were back in a slip and once again subjected to high temperatures and high humidity. There was an advantage to being out on the water!

Fair winds and following seas :)

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