Thursday, April 28, 2016

Captain Roger's Rules of Sailing

(Collected during my 38 day passage from the Panama Canal to Hiva-Oa, Marquesas, French Polynesia - Society Islands with Mike Keohane and Davyd Cohen)

1. Reboot (my sailboat, insert you boat name here) is always trying to kill us.

2. Every line, sheet, halyard and hose will snag at every opportunity.

3. The wind is always too much, too little, or from the wrong direction.

4. Never try to improve anything you need to get to your destination. You may break it instead.

5. The waves will always be highest and on the beam when you are trying to cook.

6. Things will stop working for no apparent reason. They will start working again for no apparent reason. These failures are impossible to debug.

7. Things break. The broken component will be inaccessible without dismantling most of the boat.

7a. (corollary) The tools you need will be equally inaccessible without emptying all the lockers.

8. The worst day sailing is better than the best day in the dirt world.

Fair winds and following seas (especially when cooking)  :)

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