Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Cruise Ship Day

Today Nuku-Hiva was visited by the Holland American Lines cruise ship Westerdam. It was, with a potential for 1900 visitors, a big day. Since early in the morning everyone has been preparing for the visitors. Since there is not cruise ship dock the ships  have to anchor out. They use their life boat to ferry people into the dock. Each life boat carries 150 people. Apparently there were 1900 guests on board. It was quite the day on shore. The lifeboats bring about 130 people at a time. They all get off, are greeted by drums and ladies singing welcome songs. Then they come out on the landing looking confused. Mike had a great time speaking English with a French accent when they asked him questions. People complimented him on his command of English!

There are about15 cruise ships that make the trip each year. They represent an important opportunity for the local people to earn revenue. Everyone was out showing their products and the restaurants were doing a booming business. Nice day for the friends we have made here.

Fair winds and following seas :)

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