Friday, October 21, 2016

Underway to New Caledonia (Oct 23)

Course 240. Speed 5.2 knots Wind SE 20, Waves SE 5 to 7 feet (on beam, we be rolling.)

Position S 18 degrees 42 minutes E 174 degrees 11 minutes

The first day is usually trying and this was no exception. Left Vuda Point Marina with a forecast of 10 to 15 knots of wind from the southeast. Got 25 knots from the southwest - on the bow. Add a knot or so of adverse current and 3 foot swells and Reboot slogged the 17 nautical miles to the pass in the reef at 2.5 knots. Thanks to mother Yanmar and the repairs in Vuda Point everything went well with no vibration. When surrounded by reefs and other boats one is always on edge. I sighed in relief when I cleared the channel.

Reboot turned a little more west and the wind moved a little south so I was able to set sail. The wind and waves were on the beam and unfortunately the waves were running 6 to 7 feet. We have been rolling ever since.

Settling in for the transit. First project was to find all the things that were making noise. That took the rest of the first day. Now the monotony sets in. Set the alarm. Try to rest. Wake, check the boat and sky, set the alarm. Nothing to see but the sea.

Fair winds and following seas :)

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