Sunday, August 23, 2009

August 21st - Making it to the Lake

Montezuma got his revenge in the form of mosquitoes.  After we had been docked for some time a couple from another sailboat came up with their dog to visit.  We noticed that the dog started rolling around in the grass.  A few seconds later we too were inundated by the mosquitoes that had been stirred up by their walk.


We closed up the boat and put up screens but it was far too late. We both were covered with bites.  Fortunately Jerry had some antihistamine tablets and after a bit our bodies did calm down enough so that we were able to get some sleep.  Of course then there was the thunderstorm thru the open hatches that woke us up.


Today was more of watching grass grow with two exceptions: we finally saw cows; and we played I Spy the Lighthouse.  The local Home Depot must have had a sale on replica lighthouses because every third dock along the Seneca River had one.


Our fuel supply started to get low so we transferred 5 gallons of fuel from one of the plastic jugs to the main fuel tank.  We realized that it would be much easier if we had a long neck funnel on board so I will be looking to Trevor to get me one.


We made it to Brewerton at the west end of Lake Oneida in late afternoon.  We refueled, pumped, and took on water.  We had a nice dinner in a local restaurant only to find out they were also hosting the 20th reunion of Cicero High School.  It made for some fun people watching as the Yankees demolished the Red Sox.



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