Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lake Erie

We left Cleveland headed for Buffalo and the autopilot started acting up again.  We are coming to the conclusion that it is the control head and not the computer but there is no real way of telling until we have more time and equipment to test with.


We had a long, hot, flat no wind trip up the lake.  We put in at Erie PA for the night.  At first we tied up at the public dock, but it was quite public and not very appealing.  Se we went across the small inlet area and tied up in front of the convention center.  We made some soup and while we were sitting in the cockpit a boat covered with disco lights with the music blaring came by a couple of times.  On the third pass we realized that it was one guy alone on the boat – he was dancing with himself.  I guess disco lights just don’t get the girls at Pasquile Isle.  Fortunately his third pass was his last and we were able to bed down for the night.


The next morning we left and went direct to Buffalo.  Another flat, hot, windless boring trip across Lake Erie.  We got into Buffalo late in the evening, headed for a restaurant called The Pier only to find it long gone and replaced with a park.  We then went up to Lake Erie marina and had a nice dinner in the marina restaurant.  We headed back down the harbor break wall and anchored for the night at the location of the missing Pier restaurant.  I am glad to have Lake Erie behind us.

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