Thursday, August 13, 2009

In Cleveland

I left Put-In Bay early in the AM on my way to Cleveland.  Out about ½ hour the autopilot decided to go sneakers up so I had to hand steer for the next 6 hours.  I got into Cleveland, got fuel, and settled the boat in a marina for the night.  Today Jerry flew in (my pick up crew for the Erie Canal transit.)  We got the gooseneck fixed – hopefully for good and the antenna that will let us use both the high power VHF radio and the AIS at the same time working.  We plan a quiet night and an early morning departure.  If the autopilot stops acting up we will go direct to Buffalo, if not we will hand steer to Erie, PA and anchor out for the night.





  1. Hello Roger
    I was shopping at West Marine MKE yesterday and Kip mentioned your adventure. I will be following you and your journey. I hope you are having a great time enjoying your beautiful Catalina sailboat. You once assisted me with my questions about my 36' Catalina.
    Did you let Catalina know about your journey? I'm sure they would like to know.I hope you are having a great day.

  2. Hi Susan. Glad you are enjoying my blog. We are leaving in an hour or two for Buffalo where another Catalina owner is going to give us a hand getting the mast down, doing some local shopping, etc. before we hit the Erie Canal. Keep in touch!

  3. Hi. It seems you are making good progres. But a little scary hearing about the tools malfunctioning, loose screws, etc. And thunderstorms! They are scary things in the safety of my own home so I can't imagine them in a sailboat.

    This will be very educational to track your route. My geography will benefit greatly. For example, I have no idea where the Erie Canal really connects. And why are some of the position flags green but the last one blue? Does that mean you are moving or just that it's the last one or what??

  4. The blue dot is the last report posted. It is so that if you loop back where you have been before you can still find the last point entered easily.