Friday, July 11, 2008

At long last A/C

Ed finally decided that he was so hot that he would take another shot at fixing the air conditioning on the boat. And, guess what? Once he set his mind to it he found the fault, a blown circuit breaker that would not reset. We are now truly enjoying one of the major benefits of being on a cruising boat - air conditioning. As the world sweats around us the temperature inside is slowly dropping. The best part is that we are also drying Reboot out at the same time. Tonight is "boat night." We are parked right outside the Budweiser beer tent for what is supposed to be the biggest party night in Port Huron. We all pretty much expect to be in bed pretty early as we have an early start in the morning. It remains to be seen if the party people will make it at all possible to sleep. We got the Sailing Instructions today and found out that the Cruising "B" class start is 12:20 EDT tomorrow. The start line is about 4 miles north of the Blue Water bridge. Our class flag is purple so we can be in the Barney fleet.


  1. Good luck guys and go fast!!!!!!!!

  2. Have fun and good luck on the race.

    I hope you have more wind than last