Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Working things out

After about 500 sea miles over the past few days we have learned a lot about the rig - forestay tension, little wiggles in the mast that need to be made straight, stuff like that. It is a beautiful sunny day in Port Huron on the Black River and we have started the day working on the rig. Of course we did hit two (count them two!) swarms of flies while transiting so the inside of Reboot is filled with bug bodies. That means everything out of the boat and on to shore while we scrub and clean the inside. Sue is off to the Laundromat to get some cleaning done while we work on the boat. Clean clothing will be very nice for the race. It probably sounds pretty domestic, but the days before the race always have a lot of scrub, clean, and make last minute adjustments as the agenda. Then all that goes by the boards as we focus on going fast! More later tonight.

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