Friday, July 18, 2008

Chicago - Mackinac Race Tracking is up!

We have our transponder on board and operating. You can now track our progress until the end of the Chicago - Mackinac race. The link is: We are in Cruising Division - Cruising Section 1 with a start time of 10:10 CDT tomorrow, Saturday, July 19th. Our section is Crus_01. These are the boats that are closest to Reboot in performance. There are 23 boats in our section. Of particular interest to me are two boats: Final Diversion owned by Joseph Haas and Wejamin owned by Ron/Lynn McLaughlin. Joseph Haas was the previous owner of Reboot. He had named her Diversion III. Wejamin is an older Catalina 42 (a Mark I) of a slightly different configuration. The handicaps indicate that she should be a little bit faster than Reboot. Nigel has done a lot of great work tuning the rig on Reboot so we will hopefully see the benefits of his work starting tomorrow morning. What does one do the day before the big race? One would expect that we would be partying our little hearts out. But after spending all last night with one hour on watch and two hours off bringing Reboot from Milwaukee you can bet that what we are really doing when not blogging is sleeping! It is actually quite quiet here at Monroe Station (of the Chicago Yacht Club.)

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