Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cold Night

I spent last night traveling down Delaware Bay to Cape May NJ. I was surprised to find that the exit from Delaware Bay is at the same Latitude as Annapolis, MD. I went all the way up the Chesapeake Bay only to backtrack almost half way back down. Of course I did the Bay to see friends so it was well worth it.

Last night was the first night since last winter when I have been cold on watch. The water temperature is much colder here in the Atlantic and it chills the night air. My priorities have shifted again, its time to get the cabin heater working!

Coming down the Delaware Bay ship channel at night was quite an event. Ocean going ships were passing me no more than 500 yards from my beam. At one point I had three ships, two inbound and one outbound all cross right next to me. Fortunately I had spoken to them on the radio and they had me duck out of the way so that I was not in the middle of the pass.

On my way to Staten Island, I should get there tomorrow. I will leave Reboot there next week and travel back to Milwaukee, Arlington Heights and Madison to see Trevor and Spencer.

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