Saturday, June 26, 2010

Visit to the Dark Side

Dan contributed some hydrocarbons last night so that we could take Why Knot out to see the Queen's Cup racers.  After a trip out into Milwaukee Bay we headed down to South Shore Yacht Club to see a very unusual ketch anchored south of the club, then up the Milwaukee River to Water Street to have some dinner.  Ed, Kristen, Tina and her girls were along for the trip.  The girls are both growing fast (I have not seen them in a year) and are quite mannerly young ladies.  Since they had both been playing in a swimming pool with their mom all day and were exhausted I was most impressed.  Tina of course is as charming and beautiful as ever.  As we came back down the river the boat in front of us had signaled the Water Street and Broadway bridges to open.  I don't remember ever being under a lift bridge before when it was closing, but both were coming down as we motored through.  Fortunately Why Knot fits under the bridges so we just got the experience of all that steel coming down slowly.  We did a quick trip across the outer harbor and then Ed, Kristen and I went back to their place for the night.  (I should mention that they have been most hospitable putting XO and I up while in town.)  Definitely a retro night - I don't know how many times we have done this trip before I left Milwaukee.

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