Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sailing and City Lounge

What do you do when you are "on vacation" away from your boat?  Why go sailing of course.  Ed and I took Wisk, his Catalina 27 out for a day sail in Milwaukee Harbor.  We had nice steady winds, about 1 foot of chop, and music provided by some very amplified rap group at the Milwaukee Summerfest.  FYI - the Summerfest grounds were a good two miles away and the wind was blowing from the boat toward the band.  I can not imagine what it must have been like to be in front of the stage.

We met Kirsten for sushi and then headed over to City Lounge in Cudahy to see old friends.  I was fortunate in that a couple who had met at City Lounge decided to have their wedding reception at the bar so everyone on the staff was working.  It was great fun to have everyone do a double take and ask me how life was in paradise.

 Tonight I head down to see Trevor.  Tomorrow we are going to Six Flags for the day.  It should be fun.

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