Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cay Caulker (sometimes)

Ah, my kind of place.

We left San Pedro and ran about 10NM south inside the reef to Cay Caulker.  Of course I could not find it on the big chart.  You know, the useless one.  That is because it is called Cay Corker on the printed chart and also the electronic chart.

We are in the eastern trades.  It blows 15 to 20 every day, day in and day out. Unless of course you are struggling with a case of food poisoning and wondering  how well your anchor is set.  Then it gusts to 30 at 4 AM while you are puking over the side.

The good news is that we have found the "secret button" on Jim's M802 marine radio.  Hopefully we will now be able to make it do all the things Jim purchased it to do.  The good part is he always invites his friend Jack (Daniels) when I come to work on his boat.

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