Saturday, February 5, 2011

Marina Paraiso Isla Mujeres

Marina Paraiso Bar
The "Q" flag is finally down.  Reboot, XO and I are finally cleared into Mexico.  The only remaining step it to get the official sticker for Reboot from Customs in Cancun on Monday (The office is only open Monday, Wednesday and Friday.)  Jim (HOBO II) and I made landfall here at Marina Paraiso in Isla Mujeres.  It was a very fortunate decision.  The staff here has been very helpful in getting all of the paperwork filed, the various official visits taken care of, and all those other little things like getting my propane tank refilled that always require "local knowledge" the first time.

Last night I walked to the downtown area of the island.  There is a two by four block area that is clearly where all of the tourist shops and restaurants are located.  It was fun to walk around for a few hours.  It reminded me of my trip to the US Virgin Islands - a lot of stores selling jewelry in addition to the more normal stuff.  So there must be some duty free or discount deal for jewelry.

The weather here threatens rain for the next couple of days so I will use the time to get some of the inside boat projects done.  Since I am still in the marina ($1.00 US per foot per night) I have shore power which makes using the tools a bit more convenient.  It also let the inverter condition charge the new batteries for the first time since they were installed.  That is a good thing.

It looks like I will have pretty good internet for a day or two more so more to come.

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