Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Cruisers Kind of Day

Ed (Door into Summer) and I have turned over a new leaf.  No beer before 11:30 AM.  This is a major change from our previous commitment of no beer before 11:00 AM.  After coffee this morning we needed to do something to keep our mind off beer so we went to Walmart and West Marine.  I browsed the videos at Walmart once again taking note that I don't know what I own so I didn't purchase anything.  We then went to West Marine where I bought two florescent tubes for $11.00 that cost me $3.00 when I was an associate.

As we were driving around we got a call from Leigh (Bomba Shack) asking if we could come over and help David put in a new heat exchanger on the engine.  We of course said "sure" and headed over to the Blackbeard Yacht Club.  We arrived only to find out that the uninstaller of the old heat exchanger had slit all the hoses so we needed to get new hoses to complete the job.  David (Bomba Shack) said he would pick up the hoses tomorrow morning.

On the way off the dock we ran into Les who reminded us that he had a Genoa sail down in Oriental that Maury (Gypsysails) had wanted.  I had talked to Maury previously and we agreed I would use it until my new headsail was delivered.  So the guys took a road trip to Oriental.  We picked up the sail, and while at the consignment store found an AIS receiver and antenna switcher (list value about $270) for $30.  We acquired it for David and headed back.  We stopped a couple of times looking for the hoses but no joy.

When I got back to Reboot I decided that I needed to get something done for the day so I took the water hose out of the stern locker and started the process of cleaning the salt off the dinghy and deflating it.  When I finished I got a call from Claudia (Door into Summer) who said, "you know, you could save yourself a long walk if you put your dinghy in the water and just motored over here.  This was of course a great idea if I had not already taken the dinghy apart.  Claudia laughed and said that they had seen me working on the dinghy and were just giving me a hard time.

So, the score at the end of the day:

I have a working temporary headsail
David has a new AIS
The engine on Bomba Shack is still not running

A typical cruisers day...

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