Sunday, May 15, 2011

Graduation Day

Today is Spencer's graduation from the University of Wisconsin - Madison. That makes me two for two.  Both of my sons have now graduated.  I am the classic proud parent.  Spencer will be starting a job with Sentry Insurance here in Madison so I don't even need to be concerned with the whole move out and move into a new place routine.His brother Trevor, his mom Diane (#2 for those who know me well) and I have been celebrating for the last couple of days.  Friday night we went to Essen Haus where they sell beer by the boot.  I was the designated driver so I didn't participate in the imbibing part but the rest of the group (including some of Spencer's friends) sure made up for my lack.   We then went back to his apartment and continued to party.  (OK, its true.  Even cold sober I drove the Avalanche down the railroad tracks instead of the street.  It was a shortcut.)  We woke with wicked hangovers only to decide to go to see Thor.  What a plan - raging headaches - go see a blow things up and big loud fight scene movie.  We had a great time.  Thor is a lot of fun and part of the Marvel Comics summer blitz.  It has references to Iron Man, a cameo by Stan Lee, and introduces some of the other "Avengers" characters.  I enjoyed Natalie Portman much more than in Black Swan.  Diane was quite taken with Chris Hemsworth and pointed out that with but a little effort we could look like him too!

(Sorry girls but you will have to search for the shirt off pictures of Chris elsewhere.)  My sons were quick to point out that although I might be able to be "cut" like Mr Hemsworth I would still be old.  And for this I paid for their college educations? (In fairness to Diane she chipped in quite a pretty penny too!)

We finished up with an major dinner at the Imperial Garden Restaurant, a favor haunt of both Trevor and Spencer.  Once again we ate far too much but had a nice dinner. The restaurant gave Spencer a $20 gift certificate to celebrate his graduation.  Nice.

It has been cold and raining for the past couple of days.  This morning is no exception.  I have been watching the weather carefully as we are moving Dave's boat from Charlevoix Michigan to Milwaukee Wisconsin mid next week.  It is going to be cold cold cold but it looks like the winds will be from the North or Northeast.  That means a nice run down and across Lake Michigan if the waves stay down.

Off now to the graduation ceremony and then a reception for the computer science majors.

Fair winds and following seas.

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