Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day in New Bern

I have returned from Wisconsin and Arlington Heights, IL after a great graduation and visit with both of my sons.  It seems that I can't win when it comes to airplanes these days, my flight was cancelled and I had to stay over an extra day.  So I got a free overnight with Trevor which was great.

After being comfortably cool in Madison and Arlington Heights I returned to North Carolina heat with a vengeance.  It is in the mid-nineties and is expected to remain that way for the rest of the week.

I was surprised by the New Bern reaction to Memorial Day.  I was one of only two boats that dressed ship for the holiday.  I was unable to find a Memorial Day parade in town.  This was a big surprise for two reasons:  first, we are surrounded by military bases, and second, there is a National Cemetery in town.

I took advantage of the early morning semi-cool to lay out the new (used) jib that I had acquired in the Oriental marine consignment store.  As expected there were a couple of small rips in the sacrificial cover but the rest of the sail was in decent shape.  I brought it back to Reboot and with the help of Allen the dock master got it up on the forestay.  I discovered that the sacrificial cover was on the other side of the Genoa so I now have to rewind the furler so that it winds in the opposite direction.  I had changed jib halyards and something is wrapped wrong at the top so I have to figure out what that is too.  With the temperature hitting 97 degrees I decided to postpone my investigation until a cool morning.  Ed (Door into Summer) will be back in a couple of days so I will have him hoist me up on the mast so I can see what is actually going on.  I can't really get a good idea from down on the deck.

Harvey Smith came over this morning to replace the exhaust manifold riser on the engine so we have rigged up a bunch of fans to at least try and keep the air moving.  Hopefully we will get the engine maintenance done before it gets too much hotter.

Fair winds and following seas.

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