Thursday, July 7, 2011

The "Grill Man"

Do you need to cook a pig?  Do you want a good old fashioned heavy duty grill?  Enter the "Grill Man" in New Bern, NC.

Actually I don't need to cook a pig.  I am always willing, however, to go to a pig roast.  In fact, at my last pig roast I got the opportunity to "sip" a bit - if you know what I mean.  That was quite an experience for this Yankee boy!

So why do I mention the "Grill Man" in what is, at least most of the time, a sailing blog about cruising?  Like the homeowner who wants custom cabinets for their kitchen, sailors occasionally need a lit bit of custom work done to fulfill their vision.  In my case it was a custom plate to hold the air conditioning duct work into a hatch when in port.  I wanted it to be rigid and waterproof, hence the need for a stainless steel plate.  Danny over at The Grill Man fixed me up with the plate in the photo above.

Why did I decide to install a home use portable air conditioner in Reboot?  The answer is pure money.  A 6720 BTW carry on through the hatch air conditioner sells for $1,399 at West Marine.  A built in 5,000 BTU marine air conditioner ranges from $1,799 and up. I spent $325 for this 10,000 BTU floor mounted air conditioner at Lowes.  Yes, it is a pain in the neck.  Yes, it is unsightly and in the way.  Yes, I have to figure out where to store it when underway (which, of course would also be required for the "carry on" air conditioner.)  But the difference in price was compelling.

I selected New Bern, NC as a port to work on Reboot as it has a good reputation for excellent marine services, inexpensive dockage, and a friendly town.  Both Harvey Smith who worked on my engine and Danny at The Grill Man have certainly fulfilled New Bern's reputation.

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