Friday, July 29, 2011

Breaking 100

No, unfortunately, this is not a post about finally breaking that magic number in golf.  My Garmin wind speed and direction sensor also measures barometric pressure and air temperature.  After a low last night of 73 degrees I have now seen a high of 106 degrees,  The temperature, not the heat index.

In my first winter of full time cruising I spent most of January and February in Key West.  We had unusually low temperatures - daytime temperatures in the 40's and occasionally in the 30's.  At the time I realized that full time cruising is something like camping - you are exposed to the weather 24/7.  Yes you can huddle inside the boat in the rain.  When you do it is almost always hot and very sticky.  You can put up window screens to try and keep the bugs out.  They work pretty much but not perfectly.  But the reality is that you are always not far from the weather.

XO seems to be enjoying the heat.  Of course the Tonkinese breed is from Southeast Asia where it does get quite warm.  In fact he gets upset when I lock him in Reboot with the air conditioning on. He starts to cry.  When it gets warm inside he just stretches out and dozes.  At least one of us is happy.  And no, with Reboot sitting in 88 degree water the air conditioner doesn't make much progress against the heat.  In fact I have learned that it is actually more comfortable to just keep fans running air through Reboot during the day than wasting money on the a/c.  I run it after sunset to get the temperature down for a decent nights sleep.  Needless to stay I don't do much cooking except in the early morning.  And there is not much point in moving further North as the weather is terrible all the way to Maine.

I brought Reboot to New Bern to overhaul her and get ready Reboot for our next adventure.  The extreme heat has made it harder to overcome my natural reluctance to do hard work.  I do a little bit each day.  I was so excited when the seat I was sitting on writing this blog went crack and dumped me on the floor.  At least I know that I can take it over to The Grill Man and get the welds re-welded.  One step forward, two steps backward.

Fair winds and following seas.

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