Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hamburger or Hot Dog?

Last night I went to the Walmart Superstore here in New Bern to pick up some groceries.  One of my classic hot weather items while in port on shore power is brats.  They are really easy to put in the microwave without having to heat up Reboot further.

The package on the left contains hot dog rolls.  Note that the label says they are hamburger buns.  Since both were at the same price I said what the heck and bought them anyway.

On the way home I started thinking.  Well, the quality control was pretty bad if they put the buns in the wrong bag.  Should I worry?  I finally said just eat the rolls.

What is interesting from the perspective of an old computer guy is what this did to the Walmart supply chain system.  They sold a lot of hamburger buns and no hot dog rolls.  I predict a clearance sale on hamburger buns in the next couple of weeks.

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