Monday, August 29, 2011

Hurricane Irene - The Aftermath

I spent some time today traveling on various errands around the New Bern area.  It brought to light just how lucky XO, Reboot and I have been.  We knew that one boat had sunk at Bridgepoint Marina across the way.  They have closed Bridgepoint due to damage to the docks.  Ed (Door into Summer) and I went over to Leigh and David's (Bamba Shack and Woodstock) home in Fairfield Harbor.  On the way we saw numerous downed trees including at least a dozen leaning on the 11,000 volt transmission lines.  But even that did not prepare us for Fairfield Harbor.  We were told 16 boats from Blackbeard Yacht Club had been driven ashore.  We saw several boats including a big power boat on the lawns in Fairfield. While returning an anchor we saw at least one truck destroyed when a tree had fallen on top of it.  At least a dozen homes had trees that had fallen on the houses.  And a number of the homes are low enough that they flooded in the storm surge.

It is instructive to realize that the actual eye of the storm passed about 50 miles to the east.  We expect to get down to Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point in the next few days but we are waiting for things to calm down.

Fair winds and following seas.

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