Sunday, August 28, 2011

After Hurricane Irene 7:42 AM Sunday New Bern NC

The sun is shining and the water levels in the Trent River have reached normal.  We can see one boat that sank and a shredded jib in the marina across the Trent.  The ramp to "D" dock sheered off during the storm.  I can't get down to Door into Summer at the moment but I know it will be high on the list of things to fix so that people can get to their boats.

The Hilton Hotel continues to do a wonderful job trying to make us comfortable.  We still don't have all the power back so much of the hotel is running on generators.  Apparently the land line phone service is still not working - not a big deal in this age of cell phones.  But we are supplied with coffee and a breakfast buffet for those who choose to eat it.

XO slept well last night - mostly cuddled up against me.  The floor of the room is sopping wet from the ingress through the balcony doors.  The air conditioning doesn't work.  I am thinking of opening the windows to help it dry out.

There is not much evident storm damage outside.  A few major tree branches are down.  I have not as yet ventured far from the marina.

A little more coffee and then down to Reboot for a closer inspection and a move back in plan.

Fair winds and following seas.

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