Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tracking Irene

I have spent the morning helping shift boats around the marina.  We are spacing out the sailboats so that when they roll the masts will not become entangled.  Of course there is always the one guy who doesn't get the memo and parked his boat in a slip between two other boats.  We were not able to convince him to move so we moved the other boats.  Great.

The good news is that the predicted track continues to move toward the east.  We will most likley still get strong winds and a lot of storm surge but it doesn't look quite as bad as it did yesterday.  Knock on wood.

The big conversation is about staying in the marina or anchoring out.  I have decided to stay here unless they kick me out.  I have good ground tackle but looking at the ground tackle of some of the other boats gives me pause.  It doesn't help if Reboot doesn't move only to be creamed by someone with a 20 ton boat, 5 feet of chain, and a 20 pound anchor.  And believe me I have seen some of that.

So we watch and wait.

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