Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene 4:30 AM EDT New Bern, NC

Woke up so I decided to take a walk.  We still have TV, power,cell phone and Internet.  Winds now are around 50 mph with the center of the storm still about 2 hours to the south.  We have about 10 feet of storm surge but the floating docks still have about 6 feet of pole left.  I walked out to the shore end of "A" dock with Marsha and Alan.  They were equipped with life jackets and flashlights and walked out to check both of our boats.  They are, at least at the moment, OK.  Current guidance is that we may see 80 mph before we are done. It would appear that the worst of the tornado hazard has passed as that is normally at the north end of the storm.

XO has been quiet.  He is staying very close to me, cuddled up last night as we slept As those of you who have been through this know the wind and rain comes in bands.  At the moment we are in a period of heavy rain and wind.

I will post again after the eye passes if we still have internet at that point.

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