Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bock Marine Refit #1

Bock Marine
As mentioned in a previous post I am at Bock Marine for (as they say in the Navy) an "Availability."  I guess that shipyard time was so restricted in WWII that getting into a shipyard was a function of it being "available."

We had very strong winds last night.  My wind graph shows peak gusts of 38 knots.  "Cause the walls start shaking. The earth was quaking, My mind was aching... and you (the wind) shook me all night long."  [Thank you AC/DC]  It is one thing to be on a boat in the water, totally different when you are on the hard and wondering if the boat is going to tip over.

We got a lot done today.  After a long night of rain the sides of Reboot got washed for the first time in a year.  Then late this afternoon the first coat of Interlux Micron 66 went on the bottom.  I chose "66" because they don't sell it in California.  This alone was an indicator that it actually might work.  But as I said yesterday it is horrendously expensive.  I decided to bring the waterline up over the bootstripe.  Most of the time half of the 4" bootstripe is in the water and gets covered with crud.  I will decide later if I want to put a new boot stripe on Reboot but at the moment that 4" of blue paint is gone.

Half the Maxiprop Install
The other big project for today was removing the fixed prop and replacing it with the folding prop.  I felt that Reboot was slow under power so when I was at Green Cove Springs Marina (Florida) I had them remove the maxiprop and replace it with the factory prop.  It was not long before I decided that it was a real bad decision.

The people here are great.  Below is Kenny Bock, owner.
Kenny Bock

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