Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sorry Trevor

Reboot has voyaged from New Bern, NC to the Bock Marine on Adams Creek near Havelock, NC.  Our best speed underway under power was 3 knots.  Ed (Door into Summer) and I got the new Neil Pryde 135% jib up for about 1/2 hour before the wind died.  We got up to 6 knots under the jib.

Ken and the folks at Bock did yeoman's duty getting Reboot safely into the marine hoist and on the hard despite some significant adverse current.  Once out the of water it was obvious why we were going so slowly.  Several months on the Trent River had left the bottom badly fouled.  I had of course expected this as Kirk Hathaway, the bottom cleaner I use in New Bern had stopped cleaning as he could not get a reasonable amount of gook off for the time expended.  So we are here  for new bottom paint.

I decided to go with Interlux 66, a hard antifouling  paint that is considered the best you can purchase in the U.S.  Of course in other places they sell antifouling paint that actually works, but they don't have a nanny culture and the EPA.  The bottom was so foul that Bock sanded it down to the barrier coat so I was free to put on anything I wanted.  The previous Interlux CSC was also a hard finish so I could have overcoated it but that became moot as we pealed off the mussels and crud on the bottom.

This of course comes at significant cost.  I went with the "66" because even though it is horrendously expensive a haul, power wash and scrape is about $400.  If I can avoid one "round trip" I will have paid the extra cost of the premium paint.

Speaking of cost I have had to sell Trevor, my older son, into indentured servitude for 3 years to pay my bill. I know some of you may find this harsh, but what are children for?

Sorry Trevor.

Postscript:  This is my first experience with Bock.  So far it has been very favorable.  They hauled me yesterday, sanded today, and are painting tomorrow.  This is a very cruiser friendly yard.  It has a great boaters lounge, clean and attractive restrooms, and a nice contingent of friendly people, both staff and cruisers working on their boats.  The only downside is the mosquitoes, but they have been a problem everywhere since Hurricane Irene.

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