Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol

It was a rainy day here at the Naval Air Station in Jacksonville, FL so Ed, Claudia and I went to the movies. Actually, Ed got a front end alignment and new tires for his truck, and then with the pennies left over we went to see Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol.  It was the first time I had seen a movie in "movie theater IMAX" (as opposed to "science museum IMAX.")  It was pretty good.  The sound system was cranked up and since there were only three of us in the theater it was pretty loud.  I did not like the seats, they were very upright and I prefer to slouch.

Anyway, the movie was OK - about what I expected.  A lot of action and not a lot of plot.  A great rainy day event.

When Ed and Claudia came to pick me up I discovered that they had painted the topper on the Dodge.  It is now a nice white that matches the truck rather than a faded red.  Then I found out that Claudia had painted it by sitting on top of the topper in the hotel parking lot.  You know you are a red neck when ...

Fair winds and following seas.

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