Monday, September 2, 2013

An easy fix?

Today I got motivated to get some repairs done. It has been pretty hot in the afternoons and I have been lazy in the mornings. This morning I was also pretty lazy. Around noon, after it got to 88 degrees, I said this is ridiculous, I need to start working.


After fixing the leaking windows my second highest priority was to get the hot water heater working. Trying to bathe, clean dishes, and so forth with no hot water is a pain in the neck. Of course one can boil water on the stove. That is no where near convenient. After crawling into the engine compartment and over the water heater I removed the cover for the heater element. Much to my surprise I found a circuit breaker that was tripped. I reset it and so far it appears that I once again have hot water. To celebrate I have been washing all the dishes, pots and pans in hot soapy water. Yes, we cruisers are a little crazy.


I emptied out the stern locker so it could dry and air. Other than the hard working of dragging everything out and putting it on deck it was not a big task. I did find a few things that will go to the dumpster. Someone had also decided to store an umbrella at the bottom of the locker; just the place for a quick grab when it starts to rain.


The windows are waiting for it to cool of a bit before I put them back in. I have been letting the frames dry in the sun. Actually I have been procrastinating as sealing them is a messy job. But as the famous joke remarks “tonight’s the night!”


Yesterday a local friend – Wes – and I went out for a beer or two to chat and catch up. The bar is one I have been to a couple of times with Tim so some of the patrons were familiar. Some I had not met before. Once again I am amazed at the lack of interest in the cruising life style. I was introduced to two women by a mutual acquaintance. One of the women remarked that I was quite tan. I responded “I live on a sailboat.” She said “that’s nice” and changed the topic. It this was a rare event I would not have commented in my blog. But what is quite rare is anyone saying “Really, that sounds cool, tell me more about it.” After a couple of minutes of questioning the ladies as to their occupations and background I moved on. I guess that if I had a smart phone I could have looked them up on Facebook and we could have avoided the conversation completely. I did get to play some pinball and Wes and I had a good time.


Fair winds and following seas.

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