Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sopping Wet

Yesterday I finished re-bedding the windows on the starboard side just before the rains came. I then unloaded the storage spaces under the main cabin settee. I found water under one seat but was not concerned. I presumed that it had drained down from the leaking windows. I left it open to dry out. Imagine my surprise when this morning it had water again. Investigation revealed that the water was coming from around the deck fill for the port side water tank. In normal boat fashion I had to disassemble part of the kitchen cabinets to get to the hose clamp for the deck fill. The fitting was mounted on the nonskid so cleaning up the old caulk took extra time. But what the heck, it is only 94 degrees outside. It must be 100 in the boat.


Thanks to Tim I have a borrowed “carry on” 5000 BTU air conditioner. This keeps the forward stateroom cool. It has made a big difference in sleeping. During the day there is a real temptation to stop working and go “chill” in the cabin. By noon every day the temperature is in the 90’s. Walking on the deck barefoot is impossible without burning your feet. Tools left out in the sun get hot enough to burn your hands when picked up. This is not an environment conducive to working hard all day.


Maury (Gypsysails) and I go to coffee with a group of men from Fairfield Village each morning from 6 AM to 7 AM. It is great as it gets me out of bed and the day started. Most of the coffee group is sailors so the conversation frequently takes a turn to people and ports. It is a lot of fun. Today after coffee Maury and I picked up my main and jib from his home. He had stored it for me while the boat was at Sailcraft so I would not be tripping over sail bags all day. I came back to Reboot only to have the heavens open so the sails are still in the bags. The good news was the rainstorm helped me figure out that it was the deck fill that was leaking. The bad news is I now have wet sail bags to trip over. I did unpack the stack pack and put it up in a lull in the weather. It is back from being repaired at Neil Pryde. The jib was also repaired so I want a nice day to go over the repairs before I hoist it again.


I am feeling the wanderlust from being tied to a dock for too long. I am thinking of taking Reboot down to the Outer Banks for a couple of days just to get away from the dock. Unfortunately the hot weather continues to spawn violent afternoon thunderstorms. I will take a pass on sailing in them.


Fair winds and following seas.

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