Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Gift to the sea gods

It is a sad fact of life that every once in a while one makes a donation to the sea gods. Today I was trying to put the jib back on the furler when I dropped a shackle in the water. I did not have the necessary rum to properly bless the donation. It remains to be seen if the gods will grant me good sailing as a result. To add to my frustration I asked a friend to drive me to West Marine so I could pick up a replacement. This is a 45 minute round trip as Fairfield Harbor is on the other side of the Neuse and Trent rivers from the New Bern shopping area. We arrived to discover that the staff at West Marine could not find the one shackle the computer said was in stock. They ordered me a shackle and it will be in on Friday. At least it is only a $14.part.


It continues to be very hot here – by 90 degrees at 11 AM in the morning. I have been trying to dry out several of the sheets. The ends have worn from use and I want to cut them back a foot or two. Since we keep getting afternoon and evening thunderstorms everything remains too wet.


The rain has made it possible for me to find the remaining water leaks around the windows. The frames seem to be sealed; now the leaks are around the rubber seals of the windows. I am considering sealing them permanently. I open them quite rarely and the water leaks are a royal pain.


Fair winds and following seas.

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