Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Yowling Competition

XO The Wonder Cat
Yesterday at 4:30 AM we were greeted by XO yowling. Now XO is quite vocal, he lets us know when he wants attention, food, water, or a clean box. But this was a new and very different noise. After a few minutes of trying to wake up and figure out what was going on I made it to the bow of the boat (inside) to find XO on top of the refrigerator and a Calico  (hence female) leaning into the open hatch yowling back. Forrest took issue with being woken up and took the water spray bottle to the bow. This dissuaded the Calico and she departed down the dock. XO was not mollified.

It seems as if there are a number of cats here in the yard/marina. They are not feral, they all get fed by someone on a regular basis. They are clean, friendly (for cats) and well fed. They have the run of the place and will not only get on boats but go down inside to explore! I guess they know the boats that have dogs aboard.

It is warm here in the evenings so we like to keep the hatches open. With the local contingent of cats that appears to be a bit of an issue.

Fair winds and following seas :)


  1. Is XO a boy kitty or girl? We lived on board with our two Siamese girls and they never left the boat. Our Siamese boy can't seem to stay on the boat so we leave him home. Wondering what your situation is.

    DC formerly from Navy Jax Y.C.