Monday, December 7, 2015

//WL2K At anchor, Charlotte Amile Harbor, St. Thomas, USVI

We spent yesterday sorting out our engine problems. We spliced back the leaking hose. We added anti-freeze to the closed loop system. Since by the time we were done we were already committed to pay for another day at Yacht Haven Grand Marina we spent the night. This morning I went out and picked up more anti-freeze. I brought back two gallons only to discover that we were only about one cup short! Oh well, now we have lots of spare anti-freeze.

All in two nights at the Yacht Haven Grand Marina - $388.78. A mere bag of shells. Of course this marina is not set up for people like us (poor) but rather for the mega rich. Standing out among the other mega-yachts in the harbor is the 5th largest privately owned yacht in the world (Rising Sun). The 150 to 200 foot mega-yachts pale by comparison.

Much more interesting is "Artic". She is an icebreaker converted into a private yacht. Painted gloss black she has tenders that would make a drug runner jealous. Forrest pointed out the range - our little dinky sailboat, the small maga.-yachts (W, Spirit), Rising Sun at 454 feet and then the Carnival and Royal Caribbean cruise ships.

With the engine healed (we hope) we motored slowly out to the anchorage. We will stay on board for a few hours to make sure that we have good holding and then put the dinghy in the water so we can continue our cleaning and fixing of Reboot.

Fair winds and following seas :)

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