Sunday, December 6, 2015

We missed again!

We set out day before yesterday for St. Martin (French side.) It was a uphill slog all the way - some 90 NM planned. When we were about 40 miles from St. Martin (past the point of no return) the engine decided to overheat again. Not to worry, we knew what to do. Sure enough, there was an air lock in the exhaust. Popped it open and got good water. Yea! About 2 minutes later the engine overheated again. Further investigation showed that one of the cooling hoses as a small crack - just enough to evacuate all of the anti-freeze (its a closed loop - open loop system.) We put up the sail (remember no mainsail) and sailed along for about an hour waiting for dawn. Since St. Martin was dead down wind we of course could make no progress in that direction.

We decided that taking the engine further apart while in the middle of the ocean was not a good plan. Upwind were the British and United States Virgin Islands. Since we had just left the BVI and Forrest had good friends in Charlotte Amile (USVI) we decided this would be a good place to go. In addition to the engine repairs Reboot needs a new mail sail. We figured that the USVI would have better shipping, no import duties, and of course it is our home country.

We sailed all the way back to the entrance channel to Charlotte Amile where we were met by Paul from SeaTow. He took us on a side tie and brought us into the harbor ($525 - too bad there is no TowBoat US - since we have their towing insurance.) On the way in a mega-yacht took issue that we were in the way (remember we are under tow - emergency lights flashing - Reboot "not in command.") So he powered by us so he could get into his slip (there must of been an important meeting on shore!) Since there was only one dock hand available we were forced to putt around the marina while the dock hand dealt with important issues like getting the garbage off the mega-yacht. He was most apologetic when he finally got away and came over to help us tie up.

An interest aside - there had to be a pilot on board the mega-yacht as he was big enough to require pilotage. Makes one wonder, Who was the a@#$hole? The Captain? The Pilot? The Coast Guard will want to know.

Forrest Hardy
Forrest will sign off Reboot here in Charlotte Amile. Like many his age he has college loans to pay off and although the company is fantastic on Reboot (XO the wonder cat just loves him) he does need to work. His friends here in the USVI have some opportunities lined up for him to investigate.

More on Forrest - he deserves and will get a blog entry from me. In the meantime - I would recommend Forrest without reservation as Crew or a Captain on any sailboat I had anything to do with. Lots more on Forrest at:
Profile ID: 233064 on

I encourage you to look him up if you need any help on a boat - day work, cruising assistance, instruction, etc. Forrest spent a season at Mystic Seaport (Mystic Conn) teaching dinghy sailing.

We are at Yacht Haven Grande Marina. This is a mega-yacht marina with mega-yacht prices. The staff here is very nice. But we will leave as the costs here are draining my wallet. The plan is to anchor out in Charlotte Amile harbor while we sort things out.

Fair winds and following seas :)

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