Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cycling Up

My month in New York City is coming to an end.  Tina and Dan have headed home after making sure that I visited every possible tourist attraction.  It was great fun for me, a combination of revisiting old haunts and finding the new that has been created since the last time I took time to actually enjoy the city.  I think for me the best part was SoHo, I loved the galleries both art and clothing. I even got Dan to correctly pronounce Houston Street.  (No, it’s not the same way they pronounce the city in Texas.)


Dawn is in for the weekend so I will get one last chance to tour the few places I have missed.  Tuesday morning Peter and I will be heading down the “North” a.k.a “Hudson” River and then out into the Atlantic Ocean for the 2 ½ day transit to Hampton Roads.  After a month of being lazy getting ready to take off again is quite a shift.  I am rueing all the tasks that I did not get done – I am an expert in procrastination.  Fortunately Reboot is always pretty much ready to sail, we have gone sailing while I have been here.  But the list – getting the propane tank filled, pump out, fuel, food, rigging the jack lines – nothing difficult – just a desire to be complete can be a bit daunting.


The good news is the repaired AIS unit arrived yesterday.  We will reinstall it before we leave New York.  The purpose of the unit is to broadcast our position to other ships to avoid collisions.  It is much more effective than the radar reflectors of old.  In addition it shows the position of all the other ships on our chart plotter.


The bad news is the Autopilot has not come back from Raymarine.  Not only that but they have not cashed my check – imagine that!  Unless it shows up Monday morning we will be hand steering all 50 hours to Hampton Roads.  At least I know it arrived at the repair center since FedEx sent me a delivery notice.

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